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Research papers:

Group Sparse Coding with a Laplacian Scale Mixture Prior.

Garrigues PJ, Olshausen BA (2011). In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 23, J. Lafferty, C.K.I. Williams, J. Shawe-Taylor, R.S. Zemel, A. Culotta, Eds. (pdf)

Sparse Coding via Thresholding and Local Competition in Neural Circuits.

Rozell CJ, Johnson DH, Baraniuk RG, Olshausen BA (2008).  Neural Computation, 20, 2526-2563. (pdf)

Learning Horizontal Connections in a Sparse Coding Model of Natural Images.

Garrigues P, Olshausen BA (2008).  In: Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 20, J.C. Platt, D. Koller, Y. Singer, S. Roweis, Eds., MIT Press. pp. 505--512. reprint (pdf)

Bilinear Models of Natural Images.

Olshausen BA, Cadieu C, Culpepper J, Warland DK (2007).  SPIE Proceedings vol. 6492: Human Vision Electronic Imaging XII, (B.E. Rogowitz, T.N. Pappas, S.J. Daly, Eds.), Jan 28-Feb 1, 2007, San Jose, California. reprint (pdf)

The Recognition of Partially Visible Natural Objects in the Presence and Absence of their Occluders.

Johnson JS, Olshausen BA (2005).  Vision Research, 45, 3262-3276. reprint (pdf)

The Earliest EEG Signatures of Object Recognition in a Cued-Target Task are Postsensory.

Johnson JS, Olshausen BA (2005).   Journal of Vision, 5: 299-312.  pdf/html

Convergent Evidence for the Visual Analysis of Optic Flow Through Anisotropic Attenuation of High Spatial Frequencies

Barlow HB, Olshausen BA (2004).  Journal of Vision, 4: 415-426.  pdf/html | abstract

Timecourse of Neural Signatures of Object Recognition

Johnson JS, Olshausen BA (2003).  Journal of Vision, 3: 499-512.  pdf/html  |  abstract

Learning Sparse, Overcomplete Representations of Time-Varying Natural Images

Olshausen BA (2003).  IEEE International Conference on Image Processing.  Sept. 14-17, 2003. Barcelona, Spain.  reprint (pdf) | abstract

Learning Sparse Multiscale Image Representations

Sallee P, Olshausen BA (2003).  Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 15, S. Becker, S. Thrun, and K. Obermayer, eds., MIT Press, 2003. pp 1327-1334.  reprint (pdf) | abstract

Processing Shape, Motion, and Three-dimensional Shape-from-Motion in the Human Cortex

Murray SO, Olshausen BA, Woods DL (2003).  Cerebral Cortex, 13(5): 508-16.  reprint (pdf) | abstract

Shape Perception Reduces Activity in Human Primary Visual Cortex

Murray SO, Kersten D, Olshausen BA, Schrater P, Woods DL  (2002).   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 99(23): 15164-15169.   reprint (pdf)   |   description  |  abstract

Sparse Codes and Spikes

Olshausen BA  (2002).    In: Probabilistic Models of the Brain: Perception and Neural Function.   R. P. N. Rao, B. A. Olshausen, and M. S. Lewicki, Eds.  MIT Press.  pp. 257-272.   reprint (pdf)  |  abstract

A Graphical Anatomical Database of Neural Connectivity

Press WA, Olshausen BA, Van Essen DC  (2001)  Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, London, B, 356, 1147-1157. reprint (pdf)  |  abstract

Learning Sparse Image Codes Using a Wavelet Pyramid Architecture

Olshausen BA, Sallee P, Lewicki MS  (2001).  Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 13: 887-893.  reprint (ps)  |  abstract

Learning Sparse Codes with a Mixture-of-Gaussians Prior

Olshausen BA, Millman KJ (2000). Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 12, Ed. by S.A. Solla, T.K. Leen, and K.R. Muller, MIT Press, pp. 841-847.   reprint (ps.gz | pdf)  |  abstract

Probabilistic Framework for the Adaptation and Comparison of Image Codes

Lewicki MS, Olshausen BA (1999).   Journal of the Optical Society of America, 16(7): 1587-1601reprint (pdf) | abstract

Sparse Coding with an Overcomplete Basis Set: A Strategy Employed by V1?

Olshausen BA, Field DJ (1997).  Vision Research, 37: 3311-3325.   reprint (pdf)  |  abstract

Learning Linear, Sparse, Factorial Codes

Olshausen BA (1996).   A.I. Memo 1580, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  reprint (ps)  | abstract

Emergence of Simple-Cell Receptive Field Properties by Learning a Sparse Code for Natural Images

Olshausen BA, Field DJ (1996).   Nature, 381: 607-609.  reprint (pdf)  |  abstract

Natural Image Statistics and Efficient Coding

Olshausen BA, Field DJ (1996).   Presented at the Workshop on Information Theory and the Brain , September 4-5, 1995, University of Stirling, Scotland. Published in Network, 7: 333-339.   reprint (pdf)  |  abstract

A Nonlinear Hebbian Network that Learns to Detect Disparity in Random-Dot Stereograms

Lee CW, Olshausen BA (1996).   Neural Computation, 8: 545-566.   abstract

A Multiscale Routing Circuit for Forming Size- and Position-Invariant Object Representations

Olshausen BA, Anderson CH, Van Essen DC (1995).  The Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 2, 45-62.  abstract

A Neurobiological Model of Visual Attention and Invariant Pattern Recognition Based on Dynamic Routing of Information

Olshausen BA, Anderson CH, Van Essen DC (1993).  The Journal of Neuroscience, 13(11), 4700-4719.  reprint (pdf) | abstract

Pattern Recognition, Attention, and Information Bottlenecks in the Primate Visual System

Van Essen DC, Olshausen B, Anderson CH, Gallant JL (1991).   In: Proc. SPIE Conf. on Visual Information Processing: From Neurons to Chips, 1473, p. 17-28.   reprint (pdf) | abstract

Review articles:

How Close Are We to Understanding V1?

Olshausen BA, Field DJ (2005) Neural Computation, 17, 1665-1699.  pdf
(a previous version of this article was published as a chapter entitled "What is the other 85% of V1 doing," in 23 Problems in Systems Neuroscience.  T.J. Sejnowski, L. van Hemmen, eds.  Oxford University Press. pdf)

Sparse Coding of Sensory Inputs  

Olshausen BA, Field DJ (2004).  Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 14: 481-487. (pdf)

Directed Visual Attention and the Dynamic Control of Information Flow

Anderson CH, Van Essen DC, Olshausen BA (2004)  In:  Encyclopedia of Visual Attention, L. Itti, G. Rees, J. Tsotsos, Eds.  Academic Press/Elsevier (in press).  (pdf)

Principles of Image Representation in Visual Cortex

Olshausen BA  (2003)  In:  The Visual Neurosciences, L.M. Chalupa, J.S. Werner, Eds.  MIT Press,  pp. 1603-15.   (.ps.gz | pdf)

Natural Image Statistics and Neural Representation

Simoncelli EP, Olshausen BA  (2001)  Annual Review of Neuroscience, 24, 1193-1215.  (reprint)
Vision and the Coding of Natural Images
Olshausen BA, Field DJ (2000).   American Scientist, 88(3): 238-245.  (reprint + obscured text)

Selective Visual Attention

Olshausen BA, Koch C (1995).   In M. Arbib (Ed.), The Handbook of Brain Theory and Neural Networks. MIT Press.


A New Window on Sound

Olshausen BA, O'Connor KN  (2002).  Nature Neuroscience, 5, 292-293.  (html/pdf)

Forward to Map-Seeking Circuits in Visual Cognition

Olshausen BA (2002).  In:  Map-Seeking Circuits in Visual Cognition by David Arathorn.  Stanford University Press.  (pdf)

Review of Theoretical Neuroscience

Olshausen BA (2002).  Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, in press.  (pdf)


Neural Routing Circuits for Forming Invariant Representations of Visual Objects

Olshausen BA (1994)  Ph.D. Thesis, Computation and Neural Systems, California Institute of Technology.  (postscript)