Ping-Chen Huang

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Postdoctoral Scholar

Electrical Engineering

Olshausen Lab

Current Research

Currently I am looking for opportunities to apply hyperdimensional computing in distributed sensor networks and online/incremental learning for various sensing modalities. I am also interested in realizing these computations in emerging devices and low-power hardware.


I graduated from National Taiwan University with a B.S and M.S in electrical engineering, and worked in a research institute where I built millimeter-wave circuits for telescope projects (SMA and ALMA). I came to UC Berkeley initially to major in integrated circuits, but stumbled into computational neuroscience in the middle of my PhD. After working in the industry for 4 years and travelled to different places, I had a chance to come back to Berkeley, one of the most eclectic places I’ve been to.

I like remote mountains and glaciers. My dream is to visit the Karakoram range in central Asia. When I cannot escape human civilization, I jog and train for my next expedition.