John Hermiz

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Postdoctoral Scholar


Bouchard Lab

Current Research

I am a neuroengineer who develops technologies to advance basic and applied neuroscience. Currently, I am part of an effort that includes researchers from UCSF, LBNL and LLNL to develop a high density recording system with the aim of recording from 10,000 channels in the brain of an awake and behaving rodent. In particular, I am working to validate a new 512 channel neural recording integrated circuit on bench top and in vivo under the mentorship of Kristofer Bouchard, PhD and Peter Denes, PhD. In addition to developing neurotechnologies, I’m interested in answering systems neuroscience questions and creating medical devices that treat and cure neurological diseases.


I began my studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in Electrical Engineering (EE). There, I gained an interest in how the brain works and how electronic circuits could be used to model neurons and synapses. I conducted undergraduate research with Prof. Wei Lu where I studied neural inspired circuits using memristor devices. I continued this research in a 1 year internship at an advanced research organization called HRL Labs focusing on scaling memristor technology. I then went to University of California, San Diego to further my studies. Under the advisorship of Prof. Vikash Gilja, I earned my PhD in EE studying cortical surface potentials measured by sub-millimeter electrode arrays (micro-ECoG). After graduating, I joined a medical device startup Nēsos where I helped to develop a non-invasive neuromodulation device targeting the auricular branch of the vagus nerve. After 2 years at Nēsos, I joined Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where I currently work.