Ji Hyun Bak

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Postdoctoral Scholar

DeWeese Lab
Bouchard Lab

Current Research

With the DeWeese group, I am thinking about the role of causality in the efficient coding of natural sounds. With the Bouchard group, I am working on statistical methods for making sense of neural dynamics.


I did my undergraduate in physics at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), and narrowed my focus to theoretical biophysics for my PhD at Princeton University. Toward the end of my PhD I also developed an interest in computational neuroscience, as I worked on adaptive stimulus selection methods for psychophysics experiments. Before moving into the Bay Area, I was a postdoc at KIAS (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) in Seoul.

I like to include in my daily routine several good cups of tea to exploit myself, and a random walk around the town to add a dose of exploration (because my space memory is not perfect, each turn is an adventure). Update in the post-2020 world: I am still trying to anchor my days on these marks of normalcy.