Multiscale modeling in neuroscience: first steps towards multiscale co-simulation tool development

Ekaterina Brocke

KTH University, Stockholm, Sweden
Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 12:00pm
560 Evans Hall

Multiscale modeling/simulations attracts an increasing number of neuroscientists to study how different levels of organization (networks of neurons, cellular/subcellular levels) interact with each other across multiple scales, space and time, to mediate different brain functions. Different scales are usually described by different physical and mathematical formalisms thus making it non trivial to perform the integration. In this talk, I will discuss key phenomena in Neuroscience that can be addressed using subcellular/cellular models, possible approaches to perform multiscale simulations in particular a co-simulation method. I will also introduce several multiscale “toy” models of cellular/subcellular levels that were developed with the aim to understand numerical and technical problems which might appear during the co-simulation. And finally, the first steps made towards multiscale co-simulation tool development will be presented during the talk.