Jasmine Collins

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PhD Student

Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

Olshausen Lab

Current Research

Broadly, I am interested in how neuroscience and cognitive science can inform and inspire approaches to machine learning problems. To me, this means building models which can learn efficiently from unlabeled data and learn useful representations that transfer well across a variety of different tasks. I also enjoy thinking about what types of computations the brain may be doing.


I got my undergraduate degree in 2016 from the University of Pittsburgh, where I double majored in neuroscience and computer science and minored in chemistry. After this, I spent a year as an AI Resident at Google Brain. During my time at Google, I investigated the differences between popular recurrent neural network architectures and worked on building a deep learning-based tool for discovering the underlying dynamics of neural spiking data. Now at Berkeley, I am a second year PhD student in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department. In my free time I like cooking vegan versions of traditionally meaty dishes, and caring for my indoor and outdoor plants!