Galen Chuang

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PhD Student

Vision Science

Olshausen Lab

Current Research

I’m interested in exploring how hierarchies in the brain allow us to extract and represent rich information from natural images. I’m also interested in using attractor networks to model stability and invariance in various processes in the brain.


I studied computer science at Wellesley College, where I explored various research areas before settling on machine learning. I worked on speech processing and active learning as a software engineer at Google, and also spent a year at National Taiwan University working on speech recognition. I became more interested in similarities between neural networks and the brain, but didn’t feel satisfied with explanations on the deep learning side. I decided to shift my focus toward understanding how the brain itself computes. Apart from science, I like food, wine, tea, cooking so I can eat, eating so I can cook, and Muay Thai. I am grateful to be collaborating with such passionate and supportive researchers here at Redwood who challenge me to learn every day.