Dylan Paiton

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PhD Student

Vision Science

Olshausen Lab

Current Research

I am working to better understand the contribution of lateral and feedback connectivity to the response properties of visually selective neurons in the primary visual cortex. I work with canonical feed-forward models as well as recurrent models to compare different types of neuron non-linearities.

I also work with collaborators from UC Berkeley and Stanford University to develop novel joint source-channel coding schemes for storing natural image data onto stochastic memory devices.


I come from Maine, although I also spent a good portion of my life in New Mexico. I received my undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico Tech. While at Tech I worked in an interferometry research lab on data analytics for calculating physical properties of stars. After Tech I went to Los Alamos National Laboratory for two years as a post-baccalaureate researcher. There I worked on spike timing dependent plasticity rules, retina models, and hierarchical sparse coding models for object detection in videos. In my spare time I enjoy playing various (electronic, card, dice, whatever!) games, ultimate frisbee, exploring California, and snowboarding.