VS298: Unsolved Problems in Vision

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One of the goals of vision science is to understand the nature of perception and its neural substrates. There are now many well established techniques and paradigms in both psychophysics and neuroscience to address problems in vision. However, knowing how to frame these questions for investigation is not necessarily obvious. Nervous systems present us with stunning complexity, and the purpose of perception itself is deeply mysterious. The goal of this seminar course is to step back and ask, what are the important problems that remain unsolved in vision research, and how should these be approached empirically? The course will consist of alternating weeks of discussion and guest lectures by vision scientists who will frame their views of the core unsolved problems. Interdisciplinary groups of students will devise a practical research plan to address an unsolved problem of their choice.

Instructors: Stan Klein, Jerry Feldman, Bruno Olshausen, and Karl Zipser
GSI: [1]

Enrollment information:

VS 298 (section 2), 2 units
CCN: 66478

Meeting time and place:

Tuesday 6-8, 489 Minor

Email list:

vs298-unsolved-problems@lists.berkeley.edu subscribe

Weekly schedule:

Date Topic/Reading
Sept. 2 Introduction
  • Dan Coates refs...
Sept. 9 Gary Marcus discussion
  • Gary Marcus readings...
Sept. 19 Gary Marcus seminar - 12:00, 5101 Tolman
Sept. 23 First hour: Post-Marcus discussion

Second hour: Gallant discussion

  • Gallant papers...
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