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(Tentative Speakers)
(Tentative Speakers)
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* Title:  
* Title:  
* Abstract:
* Abstract:
'''Aug 1'''
* Speaker: Carol Whitney
* Affiliation: U Maryland
* Host: Bruno
* Title: What can Visual Word Recognition Tell us about Visual Object Recognition?
* Abstract: The SERIOL model addresses the problem of how the brain encodes the
sequence of letters in a written word. It provides a neurobiologically
plausible account of how the initial retinotopic representation of a string
is progressively converted into an abstract, location-invariant encoding
of letter order, and  has led to new accounts of visual half-field
asymmetries in lexical decision, which have been experimentally confirmed.
In the model, location-invariance is achieved by mapping space into
time. That is, the retinotopic encoding is converted into a temporal encoding.
Relative timing of firing of letter pairs is then used to activate bigram
representations. If indeed the brain uses such mechanisms in visual word
recognition, they would have to be derived from the mechanisms normally used
in visual object recognition. I will discuss how this approach could be
extended to object recognition in general, and touch upon some data from
the literature that are consistent with this proposal.
== Previous Seminars ==
== Previous Seminars ==

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Tentative Speakers

May 30

  • Speaker: tim lewis
  • Affiliation: uc davis
  • Host: thomas
  • Title:
  • Abstract:

Previous Seminars

November 22, 2005

  • Speaker: Scott Makeig
  • Affiliation: Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, Institute for Neural Computation, UCSD
  • Title: Viewing event-related brain dynamics from the top down

November 29, 2005

  • Speaker: Stanley Klein
  • Affiliation: School of Optometry, UC Berkeley
  • Title: Limits of Vision and psychophysical methods (video)

December 6, 2005

December 13, 2005

  • Speaker: Paul Rhodes
  • Affiliation: Stanford University
  • Title: Simulations of a thalamocortical column with compartment model cells and dynamic synapses (video)

January 3

  • Speaker: Dan Butts
  • Affiliation: Harvard University
  • Host: Thomas
  • Title: "Temporal hyperacuity": visual neuron function at millisecond time resolution

January 17

  • Speaker: Erhardt Barth
  • Affiliation: Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics, Luebeck, Germany
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Guiding eye movements for better communication (video)

January 23 (Monday)

  • Speaker: Read Montague
  • Affiliation: Baylor College of Medicine
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Abstract plans and reward signals in a multi-round trust game

February 7

  • Speaker: Christian Wehrhahn
  • Affiliation: Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Tuebingen, Germany
  • Host: Tony
  • Title: Seeing blindsight: motion at isoluminance?

February 14

  • Speaker: Jack Cowan
  • Affiliation: U Chicago
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Spontaneous pattern formation in large scale brain activity: what visual migraines and hallucinations tell us about the brain (video)

February 21

  • Speaker: Gerard Rinkus
  • Affiliation: Brandeis University
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Hierarchical Sparse Distributed Representations of Sequence Recall and Recognition (video)

February 28

  • Speaker: Dario Ringach
  • Affiliation: UCLA
  • Host: thomas
  • Title: Population dynamics in primary visual cortex

March 7

  • Speaker: Michael Wu
  • Affiliation: Gallant lab/UC Berkeley
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: A Unified Framework for Receptive Field Estimation

March 14

  • Speaker: Mate Lengyel
  • Affiliation: Gatsby Unit/UCL London
  • Host: fritz
  • Title: Firing rates and phases in the hippocampus: what are they good for? (video)

March 15

  • Speaker: Mate Lengyel
  • Affiliation: Gatsby Unit/UCL London
  • Host: fritz
  • Title: Bayesian model learning in human visual perception (video)

March 21

  • Speaker: Mark Schnitzer
  • Affiliation: Stanford University
  • Host: Amir
  • Title: In vivo microendoscopy and computational modeling studies of mammalian brain circuits

April 4

  • Speaker: Odelia Schwartz
  • Affiliation: The Salk Institute
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Natural images and cortical representation

April 10

  • Speaker: Charles Anderson
  • Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: A Comparison of Neurobiological and Digital Computation (video)

April 11

  • Speaker: Charles Anderson
  • Affiliation: Washington University School of Medicine
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Population Coding in V1 (video)

April 18

  • Speaker: Risto Miikkulainen
  • Affiliation: The University of Texas at Austin
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Computational maps in the visual cortex (video)

May 2

  • Speaker: Dileep George
  • Affiliation: Numenta
  • Host: Bruno
  • Title: Hierarchical, cortical memory architecture for pattern recognition

Confirmed Speakers

June 20

  • Speaker: Vincent Bonin
  • Affiliation: Smith Kettlewell Institute
  • Host: Thomas
  • Title:
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