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Welcome to the Koepsell Lab website


Our paper Oscillatory phase coupling coordinates anatomically-dispersed cell assemblies [Canolty et al, (2010) PNAS 107(40) 17356 - 17361] was featured in Science Daily Science News.

Python and Matlab® code for Phase Copuling Estimation available here.


Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience
University of California, Berkeley

575A Evans Hall, MC# 3198
Berkeley, CA 94720-3198

phone: (510) 643-1472
fax: (413) 618-4731


The overarching goal of our research is to better understand how the brain encodes and processes information: how is the visual world encoded in the retina, how is this information passed on to further stages of the visual system, and how does the brain extract meaningfulcontent from this data?

Current projects include data analysis and modeling of neural activity in single cells, neural circuits, and large scale brain activity, and the analysis of the statistics of natural scenes and their processing in neural networks. Our specific research projects are listed here.


We receive funding from the NSF for the project titled
Multivariate Phase Models for Image and Signal Processing
NSF Award Abstract #0917342